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29 September 2016

Three motifs and four to go

Remember the Dora Young motif I started working on when I was with my 'gang' of friends in South Carolina? Well here's the progress that I made and continued with while I was still in America. A comment was left on this post by tatkrazy saying that the book is going to be re-printed next year. I'm trying to confirm this with her and will let you know more when I find out.  I've just found the pictures in my photo album!!! It's been 'one of those' weeks since I got home but I'm beginning to get on top of things and unpacking is going well. 

Least it has until I realised late yesterday that I'm going to have to take things out of the tatting cupboard and sort it out - AGAIN!!!!! Things are now falling out when I open the door!!!

28 September 2016

Beads galore

Before I start - there's a new rabbit on the block!! This one is from Shirley and here's the link so you can pay him (or her!) a visit.

One day when we were staying with Gloria in South Carolina another dear friend (Karen) made an appointment for us all to visit a bead shop. 

Well this was an unforgettable experience. When you think of shops (or stores as the Americans call them) you think of many shops in a mall or along the streets of a town. In this case it wasn't like that at all. The shop was right out in the sticks. I mean RIGHT out in the sticks. It was in a beautiful spot but we were all focussed on BEADS!!!

This is what I came out with around two hours later!!! While I was there I did spot something that may prove to be the inspiration for next year's TIAS. I'm not quite sure whether the callipers will prove useful or not but they were cheap and I thought they may well be a good thing to have when measuring larger beads.

27 September 2016

Am I spoilt?

Simple answer - yes! 

These threads were all given to me at Tat Days. As you can see some of them have already been wound onto Ezy-bobs and some are waiting for me to find the time to deal with them.

I have thread from Sue Anna (those are the Yarnplayer ones), Phyllis and Sue Hanson. All yummy and waiting to be used. 

All I need now is a good dose of time which I'm hoping to have next weekend.

26 September 2016

Nearly back to normal

Whatever that is!!!

I've had a LOT of personal stuff to sort out since I got back. Both physical and mental (think BC3 is still on holiday, though) but hope that by the end of this coming week it'll all be 'done and dusted'.

I'm still struggling with unpacking the suitcase and I'm going to blog what's been in there over the next few days. Problem is - where do I start? I have no pictures of the lessons I taught as they were very busy. I spent most of the time trying to help people - just hope that helped.

The first thing I'm going to show you today is SOME (a very small some) of the goodies that were in the grand prize - which I thought they were kidding me about when it was announced I'd won!!! I promise you - this was only a very small part of what was in there. 

I love the little pouch on the left of the light. It's a squeeze one which you give a squeeze too and then it opens. Glittery too. More thread heaven too and lots of thread and beads. The foldaway LED lamp was in there too. Funny story about that. When I was at Gloria's house we got it out and put the batteries in. It instantly lit up. Problem was that we couldn't fathom how to turn it off!!! Three of us (Gloria, Joanie and I) thought, in the end, that we'd have to take the batteries out. Finally we worked it out!!! There isn't a 'switch' but a light touch pad to turn it off. Brilliant piece of equipment.

23 September 2016

I'm BACK!!!

And my knickers too!!!! 

I arrived yesterday at 'silly o'clock' (half past six in the morning) on the red eye flight. The return journey wasn't without it's hiccups either. 

Joanie took me to Orlando airport in plenty of time and we took the 'ride and fly' bus to the terminal. A GREAT idea on her part. Once there I went to the checkin desk and the lady took my passport, scanned it and told me I was late for my flight. DOH. I was three hours EARLY. Then she said my flight was already delayed. She decided to do what she called 'some housework' and offered me the chance of an earlier flight which I took with great delight. It was leaving in an hour.

As you guys know - an hour isn't long to get from checkin to the gate via security and a train plus quite a walk and then boarding but I managed it. Must've been a funny sight - an old git wobbling in a running (sort of) manner through the departure lounge!!!

Good news is that the suitcase made it on the same plane too. Six (or more) hours in Newark listening to podcasts and tatting was reasonably pleasant. We hit speed bumps (some people call it turbulence) going through the jet stream but the journey was fine.

The photo is from the plane as we landed in Newark.

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Happy Beaks
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